The Lost Art of Doing Nothing

Sometimes, the best thing we can do for ourselves is nothing.
The Dutch have a word for this form of active rest: niksen (which translates closely to “doing nothing”). It is a state of non-productivity – staring out a window, lying on the grass, closing our eyes, or listening to music – that can help decrease stress, improve health, inspire creativity, and more.
But it’s harder than you think, and by no means a holy grail. In this fast-paced world our brains are not easily switched off. And for the Dutch, the word implies that you don’t just stand there empty-handed, but do something and live your best life! In this charmingly illustrated guide, Dutch journalist Maartje Willems draws on a pool of interviews, studies, books, and films to teach us exactly how niksen can lead to a healthier way of living.

ISBN: 9781615197644
Format: Hardback