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The Dragon Crown (The Witching Hours #5)

In The Witching Hours, Anna and Max travel the world with their father, the Professor – but their real adventures take place in the dangerous underworld of dark fairies, where the children face sinister creatures and battle for their lives.

Something wicked is stirring beneath the icy mountains of China – and Anna and Max, who have just arrived with the Professor, are determined to discover what it is.

Earthquakes are shaking the foundations of an ancient village, while bone-chilling roars and flashes of fire burst across the sky. The siblings are sure another fairy monster has awoken – but this time, they’re not the only ones who know.

A strange man has been stirring trouble in the village – a man Anna and Max have met before. But with rumours of the monster’s vast treasure cave spreading fast, the children will have to decide whether to side with their old foe, or else seek out the monster on their own…

Fight fire with fire.

ISBN: 9781760501778
Format: Paperback
Publisher: HarperCollins

Age group – for ages 8+