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The Chambers Crossword Dictionary, 4th Edition

THE CHAMBERS CROSSWORD DICTIONARY is the perfect tool for any crossword solver – and you know it because it is used by the setters themselves!

What makes THE CHAMBERS CROSSWORD DICTIONARY different? Comprehensive, reliable and easy-to-use, this major new edition has been thoroughly revised and updated by a team of crossword experts, and is specially tailored to the needs of crossword solvers. With more than 500,000 solutions to cryptic and quick clues, plus explanations of cryptic clue types and the use of anagram and other indicators, and insights into the world of crossword setting and memorable clues, it is truly the ultimate crossword bible.

This new edition features:

– Over 500,000 solutions for every kind of crossword.

– More than 2,500 crossword code words alerting you to cryptic ploys.

– Over 19,500 ‘one-stop’ entries, with both synonyms and encyclopaedic material, for extra guidance in finding the right answer.

– A wealth of recent synonyms to give you up-to-the-minute answers.

– New topic lists to help you solve general-knowledge clues.

– Word lists sorted by length and then alphabetically to make finding solutions easy.

– Includes words, phrases, abbreviations, symbols, codes and other cryptic ‘building blocks’.

– Packed with crossword jargon, anagram and other indicators and essential cryptic vocabulary.

– Draws on the latest CHAMBERS DICTIONARY 13TH EDITION and the authoritative Chambers reference range.

ISBN: 9781473608412
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Hachette Australia