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Who’s Who Greek Mythology

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Release date: 5 Jun 2024

From the grand heights of Olympus to the dark depths of the Underworld, discover the most significant figures of ancient Greek mythology in this kid-friendly guide.

Take a tour of this legendary world with Who’s Who: Greek Mythology. This book introduces readers to Greek mythology in an approachable, fun, and educational way, so that all ages can enjoy learning about Greek mythos. Discover themes of heroism, jealousy, vengeance, love, fate, honor, and hubris in the adventures of the brave Heracles, mighty Zeus, wise Athena, beautiful Helen, and more.

Inside you’ll find:
In-depth profiles for each of the major gods, goddesses, heroes, and demigods
The myths surrounding each figure
Vibrant illustrations detailing each tale
Awesome and terrifying mythological creatures, including Medusa and the Minotaur
The Olympian family tree
A brief history of ancient Greece

A must-have for kids who love history and mythology, this book will captivate young readers as they delve into the infamous stories of a lost world. From epic battles to star-crossed lovers, get to know the figures of the Greek mythos with Who’s Who: Greek Mythology.