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These Jokes Will Annoy Everyone You Know

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Don’t miss this hilarious collection of jokes, perfect to carry around and read aloud to everyone you know!

Drive everyone up the wall and round the twist with 605 jokes and tongue twisters so silly, so bad, so annoying, your friends and family will never forgive you!

Tell Dad to step aside with his jokes and throw some of these his way . . .

What do you call a fly with no wings? A walk.
How does a snow globe feel at Christmas? A little shaken.
What do you call someone who sees a crime at an Apple store? An iWitness.
Why did the police detective suspect the artist? He was sketchy.
What do you call a really good game of badminton? Radminton.
What type of cheese is not yours? Nacho cheese.
What goes 99-thump, 99-thump? A centipede with a wooden leg.
What did Jay-Z call his wife before they were married? Feyonce.