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The Wayward Witch and the Feelings Monster (Polly & Buster #1)

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From Australia’s best-selling female author, Sally Rippin, comes Polly and Buster – a junior fiction series about the magic of friendship.

Who ever heard of a witch and a monster being friends?

Everyone knows that witches don’t mix with monsters. Witches are educated, clever, sophisticated. But monsters? Monsters are just uncouth. Some are even dangerous.

But Polly the witch and Buster the feelings monster have been best friends forever.
It’s the sort of friendship that makes your heart squeeze with happiness.
Somehow, they’ve managed to keep their friendship a secret.
Until one day, when everything changes…

Shortlisted for the 2020 YABBA Awards, 2018 ABIA Book of the Year for Younger Children, 2018 Indie Book Awards: Children’s, 2018 Reading and Enjoying Australian Literature Awards: Fiction for Younger Readers, 2018 ABA Nielsen Booksellers Choice Award, 2018 Speech Pathology Australia Book of the Year
A 2018 CBCA Notable Book of the Year for Younger Readers