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The Devil’s Butterfly

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From goldfields to gallows – the international manhunt for Australia’s first serial killer.

The Devil’s Butterfly is the harrowing true story of the killer conman, Frank Butler, whose deception and duplicity sent the colony of New South Wales into a state of fear and panic.

Advertising in the Sydney papers, the charismatic Butler lured his prey towards the western goldfields with exaggerated tales of untold wealth and riches.
Five men answered, three men went missing.
Fearing capture and searching for new killing grounds, Butler flees Australia, headed for San Francisco.

Two detectives, certain they are hunting Australia’s first ‘true’ serial killer, steam across the Pacific on a speedier ship. A third detective traverses the globe, racing to America via London.

Desperate to reach San Francisco before a sociopathic killer disappears once again; will they capture their man or will the now notorious Butler escape forever?