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Cottagecore Simplified

$25.00 inc GST

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It might not be practical to drop everything and live out your fairytale fantasy, but it’s easy to embrace countryside comfort while coexisting with the modern world – find inspiration in the crafts, décor, and lifestyle tips in this book. This guide is designed to bring peace and relaxation to your life.

Inside you’ll find:
*Recipes for baked breads, pies, pastries, and more
*Embroidery, sewing, and quilt patterns
*Ideas for sketches and doodles
*An introduction to candle and soap making
*Tips for maintaining your garden
*Pottery, flowerpressing, and other charming crafts

Life is all about enjoying the simple things. This idyllic aesthetic allows you to break from monotony and routine. Start off friends and family in their new home with this ideal housewarming gift, or take the plunge yourself into DIY projects and low-waste living. Unplug from the modern world and bring cottagecore to your everyday life with Cottagecore Simplified.