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Brick of Dad Hacks

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Learn the secrets to surviving fatherhood when your dad skills are under pressure with The Brick of Dad Hacks.

Let’s face it, not all of us are blessed with the mythical “angel baby” that breezes right through to adulthood with no hassle or fuss. It’s game on when the baby starts walking. Navigate parenting like a pro from the tantrums of the terrible twos to threenagers, taming the ferocious fours, the fantastic fives, sassy sixes, and the rollercoaster of adolescence. This is the smart dad’s guide to parenting. It contains experienced parenting tips and tricks, and is appropriate for new dads and parents managing kids of all ages for the first time. This book has all the easy answers to your parenting problems. Have questions about sleepovers, birthday parties, and drop-off playdates? Going on a camping trip with your 10 year old, or planning a beach day with your preschooler? We’ve got a hack for that. These quick reference hacks are here to help when you’re juggling wailing babies in public and moody teenagers at home.

Inside you’ll find hacks for:
– Family fun with kids of all ages
– Easy meals in 15 minutes or less
– Handling meltdowns and crying kids
– Outings with infants, toddlers, and kids aged preschool and up
– Storytime
– Baby-proofing your home
– Raising your teenager
– And more!

These hacks will help you manage the kicking, hitting, fighting with siblings, back-talking, endless questions, and the terrifying day when they learn “NO!”—but they will also guide you through the positive moments that you’ll remember and cherish forever. Whether you’re stuck in the car for a road trip and want to keep your kids entertained, need a healthy weeknight meal after a long day at school, or you’re just looking for new ways to spend quality time as a family, The Brick of Dad Hacks has you covered!