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Big Moments

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Our lives are made up of many big moments and it is these big moments that define us. Some of those moments are full of infinite joy – landing your dream job, marrying the love of your life, having your first child, buying your first pad, starting a business, travelling to places that have been on your bucket list for eternity and sharing moments with those you love.

Along the way there are also those not so good moments, breaking up with your love, losing your job, getting into a financial pickle, travel trips ending badly and your parents encountering declining health and needing care.

Like with anything new, we often find ourselves in an unfamiliar place as we reach these milestones. It’s at this point we reach a crossroad. We have two choices, to reach out for the right advice from someone who has travelled the road previously, or to go it alone.

This crossroad can be a defining moment in our life, as the decision not to seek the right advice may impact the rest of our life – significantly.

This book is packed with relatable stories, invaluable insights from contributing experts and extensive helpful resources that allows you to feel confident in making those important, informed decisions, particularly legal or practical decisions, on the Big Moments throughout your life journey and will save you time and money in not making the mistakes that so many of us make with “many first” events that can change the trajectory of your life.

Throughout this book the author also draws on her extensive network of experienced experts in their field, providing compelling insight from some of Australia’s greatest leaders in business and law and allowing the reader to be the recipient of such meaningful advice from such eminent leaders.

This book touches on thought-provoking topics providing the reader with guidance on how to navigate these particular parts of their journey, encouraging them to embrace the opportunities that come their way, and conquering their fears. Many topics will also assist in providing the reader with peace of mind if they take the recommended actions contained in relevant chapters.

At the end of each section of the book invaluable in-depth resources are provided for the reader enabling them to easily access additional information about their particular topic of relevance should they wish to.

BIG MOMENTS is a book that every 20 to 44 year old should have on their bookshelf to pull out on an as need basis as they navigate their life journey.