Inside Outside

 Linda O’Keeffe

Using the principles and language of interior design, Inside Outside offers a fresh and inspirational look at creating inviting, beautiful, and personalised outdoor rooms.

An outdoor room is an extension of the home – a space that can used for entertaining, relaxing, cooking, playing, swimming, and more. In spaces large and small, outdoor rooms offer a retreat from daily life and a connection to nature. In Inside Outside, Linda O’Keefe – former creative director of Metropolitan Home – inspires readers to create outdoor living spaces that offer an oasis of comfort and style. O’Keefe uses the language of interior design to inform her approach to exterior design, focusing on space, structure, movement, mood, and furniture. Inside Outside is filled with private gardens from North America and Europe that are inspiring and illustrative examples. Readers will learn about the importance of structure from a garden in New York’s Hudson Valley, the role of colour from a home in Santa Monica, the element of surprise from a backyard in Paris, and much more. Stylishly designed and filled with hundreds of photographs, Inside Outside is a must-have for design-obsessed homeowners and gardeners.

Book Features:

  • Linda O’Keeffe leverages the shared vocabulary of popular home styling and design philosophies to help homeowners confidently apply what they know about interior design to their outdoor spaces.
  • With photo-driven profiles of outstanding outdoor rooms from around the world, this book blends practical design strategies with inspirational images.
  • Linda O’Keeffe is a noted design writer and editor. She spent 16 years as the creative director of Metropolitan Home magazine and is the author of Shoes. She is frequently featured in design-focused publications, lectures, panels, and radio and television programs.

286 colour photographs


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