I Know I Am Rude

A True Friend of Australia – At the age of twenty-one, the future Prince Philip wrote to a relative: I know you will never think much of me. I am rude and unmannerly.
This self-knowledge was no reason to change in his mind, and the prince added prophetically, But it is fun. This affectionate self-portrait, brings together the best, and as well as a host of less well-known stories in the princes own words, and gives a fascinating first-hand insight into the royal world where he traipses around as a fella who belongs to Mrs. Queen.
With or without her, he often visited Australia and New Zealand, countries he adored. From Prince Philips blunt speech-making, his mocking of the media and captains of industry, to his fond teasing of Her Majesty herself, here is a truly regal self-portrait by the royal family’s very own Jeremy Clarkson.

ISBN: 9781783342198
Format: Paperback