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A Practical Guide to Autism

An accessible guide to the most recent information about autism

The revised and updated second edition of A Practical Guide to Autism offers an authoritative guide to the diagnosis, assessment, and treatment of Autism/Autism Spectrum Disorder. Written by two highly regarded medical professionals, the book offers parents, family memberts, and teachers a useful review of the concept of autism, its diagnosis, and the most current treatments available. This comprehensive resource covers the range of the condition in infants, young, and school age children, adolescents, and adults.

The authors explore evidence-based treatments and review of some of the alternative and complementary treatments proposed for autism. Information on educational programs and entitlement services are also provided. In addition, the book contains information on issues, such as medical care, medication use, safety, behavioral, and mental health problems. The book covers the range of ages and entire spectrum of autism and provides an introduction to the diagnostic concept. With the expanding number of treatments and interventions this book is a useful guide for all those involved in caring for individuals on the autism spectrum. This important guide:

  • Offers lists of resources for parents and professionals compiled by experts in the field and reviewed by parents.
  • Includes updated research that adheres to DSM-5 standards
  • Provides an accessible resource with succinct content delivery
  • Contains new discussions on modern treatments that have been identified since the publication of the first edition

Written for parents, teachers, and caregivers, A Practical Guide to Autism, Second Edition offers an updated and expanded edition to the practical guide to autism.

ISBN: 9781119685678
Format: Paperback
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons