365 Days of Drawing

A year of easy to progressively harder daily challenges to learn the fundamentals of drawing. You want to learn to draw. You know you have to practice. Every day. But it is that blank sheet of paper that sets off the “what do I draw?” and “I don’t know how to draw it!” panic. That is where 365 Days of Drawing comes in. There is a step-by-step drawing exercise for every day of the year. Each shows the steps from the first line to the last and a brief text explains the steps. You can move through the book front to back or pick and choose. All 365 drawings start with one shape or line – a circle, an oval, a square, a rectangle, a curved line, a straight line – upon which the object or person is built. By mixing these basic strokes anything is achievable.

ISBN: 9780228102601
Format: Hardback