The Ultimate Slow Cooker

We’re all time-poor in this busy world, so it’s no wonder we’re turning to slow cookers to make our lives easier. These marvellous appliances offer the benefit of set-and-forget cooking, so you can pile everything into the pot in the morning and come home hungry after a busy day to find a delicious, aromatic and heartwarming meal waiting. The best bit? Slow cooking is also a way of bringing out the rich flavours and tender textures of your favourite meals. Ultimate Slow Cooker delivers the best of the best recipes from the team at

From falling-apart-at-the-bone stews, to warming curries and heavenly desserts, there are 100 inspiring and clever dishes to choose from – all year round. With handy cooks notes, secret hacks, nutritional information and reviews from the community, Ultimate Slow Cooker is destined to hold pride of place in your kitchen.

ISBN: 9781460758991
Distributor: Harper