Searching For Spiderman

Three-year-old William Tyrrell made headlines across Australia in 2014 after he disappeared while playing outside his foster grandmother’s house in Kendall on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales. Writer and researcher Ally Chumley, who has lived a stone’s throw from Kendall for decades, watched as the events that unfolded devastated the community and the country. It grabbed her, as a mum of two boys, by the heart and didn’t let go. Compelled by a need to understand, Ally began investigating.

Searching for Spiderman takes us on an intriguing hunt through state forests, waterways and old bush camps. Solid clues, gossamer leads and red herrings abound. Everyone’s a suspect. There are anonymous foster parents veiled in secrecy, neighbours who distrust each other, local paedophiles and a parade of persons of interest. Instead of having too few suspects, detectives have too many. Among it all is William’s own birth family, who once hid the toddler from authorities. This bizarre cast of characters keeps everyone guessing, particularly when a veteran lead detective is sensationally removed from the case and subsequently quits the force.

Where is little Spiderman? With powerful storytelling skills, writer and local resident Ally Chumley brings this puzzling tale to life. She reveals the very latest from the inquest into William’s disappearance and helps to resolve the speculation, assumption and misinformation that have riddled the case. It’s time to go beyond the headlines and the soundbites. It’s time Australia knew the truth.

ISBN: 9781743796061
Distributor: Harper