Megan Hess A limited-edition luxury slipcase from one of the world’s most renowned fashion illustrators, this stunning collector’s item brings together two of Megan Hess’s most popular books and includes two beautifully illustrated greeting cards ¬¬- especially designed by the author for this edition. The Dress (60,000 copies sold) relives […]

Natalie Walton The Art of Simple Living This Is Home is about simple living – how to focus on our values to create authentic homes full of meaning and joy. Natalie Walton steps inside fifteen homes across the world to meet the people who made them, and discover whether there […]

Chyka Keebaugh Seasonal Inspiration for a Life of Style Chyka Home is Chyka Keebaugh’s inspirational manual for homemaking, entertaining, styling and crafting. Organised into the four seasons, the book presents creative ideas for entertaining guests and organising and decorating your home, along with tasty food and drinks recipes and DIY […]

Clive Hamilton In 2008 Clive Hamilton was at Parliament House in Canberra when the Beijing Olympic torch relay passed through. He watched in bewilderment as a small pro-Tibet protest was overrun by thousands of angry Chinese students. Where did they come from? Why were they so aggressive? And what gave […]

Mark Manson A Counterintuitive Approach to a Good Life ‘An in-your-face guide to living with integrity and finding happiness in sometimes-painful places.’ Kirkus Everything we’ve been told about how to improve our lives is wrong. Now superstar blogger mark manson tells us what we need to do to get it […]